What I Eat in a Day #2

I’ve been wanting to do another What I Eat in a Day for a long time but kept forgetting. However, I finally remembered, so here is what I ate today.

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Salt and Pepper Roasted Carrots

Mmmm. These are absolutely amazing! I love carrots in all forms (except boiled) but roasting is by far my favorite way to eat them. It brings out a beautiful flavor and I love how the outside gets crispy and the inside is soft. These are great eaten alone as a snack or as a side to rice and beans, a salad or a bowl of kale! They’re also just as good cold as they are hot so hooray leftovers!!   Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

In early June I went on a short backpacking trip with my siblings in Yosemite. It was beautiful and so much fun! After we got back we were all craving something sweet. We went to the store and I picked up a few things that I thought might work together. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. That night as I combined the dates, chia, oats, chocolate, and peanut butter something magical happened and these cookie dough balls were formed. Continue reading